Customer Satisfaction

"To Satisfy Our Customers with Optimized Engineering Services" is CTCI's corporate mission, and we stress customers' feedback highly. For years, we have been collecting customers' feedback based on "Customer Service Enhancement Regulations" in a timely fashion and proactively conducting customer satisfaction survey twice a year. Besides, a cross-departmental "Customers Services Feedback Group" coordinated by the President was established.

We have added sustainability and peer ranking questions and set the annual target at 8 points. The ultimate goal is to provide our worldwide customer with the most reliable engineering services. 

2018 rating

▼ Brand Development Roadmap : Polish the Brand

Strive for International Business Opportunities through the "Most Reliable" Brand Image

Through the communication of the CTCI brand slogan "Discover Reliable," we have shaped the "Most Reliable" brand positioning and image, and endeavor to enhance the competitiveness of the company and expand its global business. In 2018, our engineering achievements at home and abroad set several records.