Green Engineering

We are committed to the introduction of various green engineering technologies, providing customers with professional services that meet environmental protection requirements, cost-effective and feasible ecological protection, and energy saving solutions in terms of engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation, and decommissioning. We aim to reduce engineering pollution and risks affecting human health and environmental damage, promote energy conservation, carbon reduction, pollution prevention, innovation, and enhance the green competitiveness of the industry, and eventually achieve a win-win situation for CTCI, business partners, stakeholders, and the social environment. We will do our utmost to maintain a sustainable ecological environment.

Environmental Risks and Mitigation at Each Phase of Green Engineering

Environmental risks Design Material Transportation Construction Utilization Dismantling
Environmental risks Designs on methodologies, geotechnical engineering,construction, electrical machinery, pipelines, instrumentation, and equipment may bring different types of environmental impact. It becomes a source of environmental pollution, natural resources exploitation,and energy consumption. Status of transport equipment, greenhouse gas emissions Greenhouse gas emissions, pollutants associated with air, water, waste and toxic,and treatment of pollutants Greenhouse gas emissions, duration of use, and maintenance input Classification, temporary storage, and follow-up disposal of waste
CTCI's responses
  • Standardized design
  • Modular design
  • Multifunctional
  • High efficiency
  • Low pollution
  • Localization of procurement to reduce transportation costs
  • Cargo consolidation transport
  • Develop automation to reduce on-site workload
  • Enhance wastewater recycling and reuse efficiency to minimize environmental impact
  • Use high- performance equipment
  • Use organic materials
  • Resource recycling and reuse

Implementation and Effectiveness of Indicative Green Engineering in 2018

Key Indicators for the Life Cycle (Note 1) of Green Engineering