Innovative R&D

Innovation is one element of CTCI's corporate culture, and we have always worked toward the introduction and R&D of new technologies. To implement our innovative research and development in practice, CTCI has established the Innovation R&D Center to look after the R&D needs for improvement of project processes, tools, and methods. 

iEPC Turnkey Digital Engineering Project

In 2018, Innovation R&D center unveiled the iEPC digital engineering project, established the development axis and goals of intelligent EPC, and delivered smart solutions to improve work efficiency and design quality according to the needs of EPC departments. The development in applications such as cloud, VR/AR, IoT, robotics, and 5G are also closely monitored, with the goal of enabling automation, mobility, and standardization in all areas of EPC. 

Digital engineering application

Technology Development

Making the best efforts to contribute to the sustainability of our ecological environment, CTCI ensures to consider all environmental risks and impacts throughout the whole process of construction. We carry through the idea of green management and environmental protection to our supply chain. Through upper stream supplier management, CTCI looks forward to achieving more than what its stakeholders expect, and create win-win situations for our economy, society, and environment. 

Amount Spent on Technological R&D Investment (in NTD)

R&D category R&D technology Amount invested
2015 2016 2017 2018
Process innovation Information integration, intelligent management, mobile device applications, visualization applications, turnover, and Big Data 19,754,676 23,680,950 29,655,865 23,268,499
Engineering technologies Process engineering 5,338,754 7,539,874 7,046,128 7,649,618
Civil & Building engineering 12,863,656 15,949,318 17,896,774 18,924,221
Mechanical & Equipment engineering 4,721,586 5,396,855 5,889,652 8,124,844
Instrumentation & Control system engineering 6,732,593 6,627,900 6,925,028 8,832,387
Piping engineering 16,059,452 18,795,635 19,223,428 19,803,855
Electrical engineering 6,682,552 6,404,103 7,971,654 9,223,527
Supply chain Material management, intelligent information dashboard, and logistics management 7,367,459 7,559,104 14,208,289 17,186,085
Construction technologies Construction management, modular applications, 4D visualization, scaffolding management, mobile HES, and warehouse management 0 487,257 389,918 7,836,137
Commissioning technologies Commissioning expert system and seamless start-up 2,103,459 1,295,819 1,255,718 0
Total 81,630,000 81,217,000 101,816,111 120,849,172

Future R&D Direction