Legal Compliance

Internal Control and Internal Auditing

The internal control systems of CTCI are established in accordance with the Regulations Governing Establishment of Internal Control Systems by Public Companies by the Financial Supervisory Committee. The systems contain management processes designed by the managers, passed by the Board of Directors, and implemented by the Board of Directors, managers and other employees. Its purpose is to promote the sound operation of the Company and to ensure the achievement of operational effectiveness and efficiency, as well as the reliability, timeliness, transparency of information reporting and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

CTCI Code of Ethical Conduct

According to the principles on human rights, labor standards, environment protection and anticorruption in the UN Global Compact, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Framework and Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to prohibit any form of discrimination, forced labor, and use of child labor, CTCI respects and protects internationally recognized human rights, and never engages in any behavior that disregards and abuses human rights; in labor standards, we safeguard the freedom of speech to establish an "Employee Opinion Platform" and publish the outcomes of the labor-management meeting to completely eliminate all unfair labor practices and eliminate any discrimination in employment. We uphold human rights awareness so that stakeholders can be respected and treated fairly.

▼ CTCI Codes of Ethical Conduct Training (Taiwan)