Risk Management

In the face of changing circumstances, in order to control and reduce the risk of operation and to create a resilient organization, CTCI has established a complete enterprise risk management (ERM) and promoted key behavior indicators under Company’s core values to build up corporate risk culture. 

The Risk Management Implementation Procedures

Risk Management Structure

Building Corporate Risk Culture

Corporate risk culture is shaped in many orientations based on risk management structure and CTCI core values.
CTCI hopes to enhance risk awareness and create an extensive and intensive risk culture via situational drill, lecture, training, HSE Week serial activities, and reward mechanism so that risk awareness can be introduced into daily behaviors.

▼ Risk Culture

▼ CTCI Risk Management Training

2016 2017 2018 2019 Target
Training hours 25,726 20,495 22,312 -
Scheduled participants 7,605 7,907 7,937 -
Actual attendance 7,584 7,860 7,899 -
Coverage rate 99.7%* 99.4%* 99.5%* 100%

* Coverage rate is defined as "Actual attendance" divided by "Scheduled attendance"

* The HSE training course is of three-hour duration over three years. Employees can complete three hours of training over three years, so the coverage rate is less than 100%.

Climate Chang Risk Mitigating

Information Risk Management

Since 2014, CTCI has introduced ISO 27001 and established the Information Security Management System (ISMS) to reduce the risk of security, provide customers with sustainable quality services, and meet the requirements of customers for security.