Integrity Management

Responsible Operation and Management

"Professionalism, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation" is the corporate culture of CTCI. It is also the most basic principle of CTCI in daily operations. For us, it is worthwhile to establish values in customers, cooperative partners, suppliers and contractors. A reliable relationship is most crucial for continuous cooperation. Therefore, we have made our vision to be the "The Most Reliable Global Engineering Services Provider" and our mission is to "Satisfy Our Customers with Optimized Engineering Services" so as to create a brand spirit of "Most Reliable" and provide global engineering services.

CTCI Board of Directors

Job title Name in Chinese Gender Corporate Directors Concurrently serve in these primary roles GICS Level 1
Chairman John T. Yu Male CTCI Development Corporation CTCI Group Chairman Industrials
Vice Chairman Michael Yang Male CTCI Development Corporation CTCI Group Vice Chairman Industrials
Independent Director and Managing Director Jack Huang Male Partner, Jones Day Taipei Office -
Independent Director and Managing Director Yen-Shiang Shih Male Policy Adviser, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association Industrials
Independent Director and Managing Director Frank Fan Male None Industrials
Director Hsien-Cheng Yang Male CTCI Foundation Director, CTCI Foundation Industrials
Director Quintin Wu Male Chairman, USI Corporation Materials
Director Bing Shen Male Independent Director, Far East International Bank Financials
Director Johnny Shih Male Vice Chairman, Far Eastern New Century Corporation Industrials
Director Yancey Hai Male Chairman, Delta Electronics Inc. Industrials
Director An-Ping Chang Male Chairman, Taiwan Cement Corporation Materials
Director Wenet Pan Male Chairman, CTCI Foundation Industrials

Board of Directors and Functional Committees

To enable more solid implementation of supervisory, auditing, and management functions of the Board, CTCI has established four functional committees.

Actualize Business Integrity

The Employee Opinion Platform has established a reporting website, which was established by a third-party impartial unit, Deloitte Taiwan, to protect the rights of the whistleblowers and ensure that the cases are properly investigated and judged. An act that may cause adverse effects on CTCI or damage the rights and interests of all employees may be reported by any employee.